Shoulder Pain

Most effective treatment solutions for shoulder pain and other related pain


Pain in shoulder with stiffness and restricted motion? Pain getting worse over a period and start to affect your daily activities, like housework, gym, sports, driving or even during wearing clothes? One Spine offers the best solutions. As a well-known and reliable chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic in Malaysia, we help you eliminate your pain in a fast and sustainable way.

Shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in our body.  Hence, it has higher chance to get injury from trauma, overuse, sports injuries or degeneration. The most common complaint is feel pain when lifting up the arm, unable to raise up the arm overhead or carry heavy thing.

Early treatment is important in treating shoulder pain. If the condition is prolonged, it will affect your neck joint, elbow joint and even wrist joint. In One Spine TTDI, we have experienced chiropractors and physiotherapist with the combination of modern non-invasive technology to assist, ease your pain and restore your range of motion in your shoulder. 


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